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What did you say to David Goffin?


I said to him that he did an amazing tournament, that his matchs here were wonderful to watch. Also said to him it’s a great pleasure to see him back, with this great level of game. He smiled and said “thank you so much this is really kind of you, thank you for the support”. I wished him good luck and said that I would keep my fingers crossed for him, he smiled and said “thank you very much” while he was leaving…

To be honest i don’t realize yet what happened yesterday, it’s just… wow !

2014 Moselle Open Final; David Goffin defeats Joao Sousa 6-4, 6-3 to win his second ATP title. Since his loss at 2014 Wimbledon 1R to Andy Murray, Goffin has a 34-2 win/loss record.

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Trop contente d’avoir pu encourager David Goffin avant sa victoire à Metz ! #MoselleOpen #DavidGoffin

2014 Moselle Open Champion; David Goffin

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Guys I just talked with David Goffin and he smiled and wow I’m so happy I’ve a big smile on my face !!!

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga feeds a sea lion at the Amneville Zoo, Metz, September 18, 2014.

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"He’s got the thumbs down… But Mark, dude. Don’t be bummed. You just put in one of the strongest displays of board control that I’ve ever seen." | Mark Mcmorris’ 2nd run at the Burton High Fives 2014

Jack’s reaction is just priceless

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