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Throwback to Sochi 2014: Mark McMorris wins the bronze medal during the Snowboarding Men’s Slopestyle.

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I would love to take requests in order to my “Throwback to Sochi 2014" series ! If there’s an athlete that impressed you, or a moment that just made your olympics just let me know :). I would do it with a great pleasure !

Throwback to Sochi 2014: Kamil Stoch wins two gold medals during the Men’s Normal Hill and Large Hill Individual Finals.

Gus Kenworthy being super supportive of Nick Goepper's Valentine's Day contest


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"I find it weird the way people get so excited about celebrityIf my friends are on the phonetheir friends will say: ‘Is that kid from ‘Love Actuallythere?’ And the phone gets passed round and I have to speak to this stranger asking: ‘Are you famous?’ I don’t know how to answer.”