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Finish uni at 8pm is kinda exhausted.. just wanna lay somewhere and sleep

  • fogna (to umpire about ernests): he's never ready
  • gulbis: are you ready now? i'm asking you if you're ready?!
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So I decide it was time to do this, I reached 200 followers a few weeks ago. ( I was planning to it then but yeah no time ) I want to let you know I love you all, and if I forget you I am sorry.

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Don’t be suprised because I all love you, have a greatd morning/night/evening. Lots of love me.



30 day challenge - ski jumping
↳ day 12 - favourite quote - "Fight with passion, win with pride, lose with respect, but never give up" - Thomas Morgenstern’s motto

(via mrs-morgenstern)

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